Will CBD Oil Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

With all the craze surrounding the CBD, it’s best to be informed about the proper usage, where it comes from, and will it pose a threat to your new job. Get all of the facts and more importantly, buy a pure cbd oil from the right distributor. CBD oil is derived from the flower and stems of the hemp plant. While the hemp plant and marijuana plant come from the same plant family, CBD is not laced with THC, the component responsible for giving the ‘high’ feeling. This article should address all concerns regarding CBD and its relevance to drug testing.


Not All Created Equal

As with hemp seed oil versus CBD oil, the components in marijuana differ greatly and don’t provide the health benefits that is provided in CBD and hemp. Hemp and CBD are in the same family as the marijuana leaf; however, they are extracted from different parts.

Marijuana, also known as Cannabis Sativa, is one of the psychoactive species of the cannabis plant and the hemp plant is another subspecies, cannabis sativa L, which is the non-psychoactive plant. While marijuana is used for one particular thing, hemp can be used fo all types of goods, from clothing to fuel.

The Drug Test Conundrum

The test is meant to trace one specific cannabinoid in your body, THC. Because CBD is considered a cannabinoid all the same, one would assume an automatic failed test. These cannabinoids contain 0.3 amounts of THC, which is similar to drinking a non-alcoholic beer that contains 0.4 percent. The cannabinoid amounts don’t have nearly enough to off the ‘high’ effects of THC.

In short, it is possible to fail a drug test for a substance laced with THC, such as marijuana. But CBD and hemp oil have such a small amount, your body wouldn’t recognize it.

The Feelgood Benefit

You may already be aware of the health benefits that CBD oil has had in the past and is currently helping people all over the world. From aiding in cancer recovery to helping anxiety and focus, CBD oil is a gentle, non-addictive substance. The most important factor is finding a high-quality cbd oil through a reputable source. When you’re looking for cbd oil for sale, consider the company that is selling it. Are they reputable? How are their reviews? More importantly, look at the ingredients. It should specify 100% natural CBD, no additives, colors, or other fillers.

CBD oil is proven effective all over the world and is safe to use even if you take a drug test. From aiding a healthy lifestyle to calming your pets’ nerves, the benefits are endless. Find a trusted supplier that offers wholesome CBD oil for sale, with no additives or THC. Groheline is proven to ensure their products are effective and safe for all walks of life. Stop by our shop today and find relief in the Groheline difference.