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Full Spectrum. Focus, relax, and refresh anytime with our premium blend of hemp extract oil in capsule form. This high-quality hemp is mixed with a variety of other natural supportive oils.

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25 mg Gel Caps


Ingredients: Gelatin Soft Gel Capsule, Coconut MCT, Hemp Extract Oil Terpenes: Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene Linalool, Myrcene.

  • Gelatin Soft Gel Capsule – Non vegan, gelatin based capsule. Protects molecules from stomach acid to ensure a greater percentage absorbed into the body.
  • Fractionated Coconut MCT – Carrier oil that supports gut wellness and provides elevated ketone levels. A great source of fatty acids. MCT provides a strong binding agent for cannabinoids.
  • Hemp Extract Oil – Source of cannabinoids & terpenes. CBN – Cannabinol is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid that has many beneficial properties revolving around pain relief, sleep aid, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-convulsant.
  • Terpenes:
    • Limonene – A lemon scented terpene with properties involving inflammatory suppression, anti anxiety, cancer cell inhibitor, immune booster and analgesic effects. Commonly found in lemons.
    • Beta Caryophyllene– Is a spicy scented terpene which heightens bioavailability, boosts immune system, alleviates stress, reduces inflammation, promotes healthy digestion, is an analgesic. Also found in black pepper.
    • Linalool – Is a floral and spice scented terpene that is shown to increased relaxation, reduce stress and has antimicrobial properties
    • Myrcene– Commonly found in Mangos, provides a deep, woodsy aroma. Myrcene aids in the passage of the molecule through the blood brain barrier for greater cannabinoid uptake. Pain relief, anti-bacterial, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-insomnia, anti-mutagenic, antipsychotic tranquilizing effects, and antispasmodic properties are all found in Myrcene.

As a supplement, take 1 capsule daily as needed.

Each capsule is a non vegan cap, has 25mg of hemp oil extract and coconut oil MCT (medium chain triglyceride) terpenes.The blend of terpenes in this product are developed to make the product more bio- active, bio-available, heighten pain relieving effects and improve stress reduction properties. They are a familiar method of ingestion so people often feel more comfortable with the caps as opposed to a tincture. Encapsulation ensures that a greater percentage of the molecule survives exposure to the stomach acid which means a greater amount is available for uptake in the intestines. It is discreet for those who are concerned.

Supplemental Facts:
Serving size 1 capsule
Servings per container: 30 soft gel caps
Amount hemp extract per serving: 25mg
% Daily value
B-Caryophyllene *
humulene *
medium chain triglycerides (derived from coconut)*
* (Daily value not established)

12 Month Shelf Life if unopened and refrigerated. MCT is a refined coconut oil which is neutral in flavor. It is shown to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, and improve brain function and memory. Not vega.

27 reviews for Gel Caps 25mg – CBD Oil Capsules

  1. Tess

    Just what I needed on the go.

  2. Helena

    This product has been a life saver for me on busy days! It helps SO MUCH with my pain & still keeps me alert and focused.

  3. Danny Johnson

    Less pain & more focused! LOVE IT!

  4. Tina

    Just wanted to say it was nice sitting & talking to you last week, and thanks for the vit. They really work. It has been such a long time since my insides just felt normal, and now taking that I have no more anxiety attacks.

  5. Sharon

    I use these as a natural way to combat anxiety & it works very well to stabilize my moods. I suggest trying these before resorting to prescription medications to ANY ONE!

  6. Tim O’Connor

    Great product! Easy to swallow & works really fast.

  7. Stacy G

    I added this to my morning vitamins and I feel more relaxed, my energy is greater and I just love the convenience of just taking one gel cap with my breakfast.

  8. Avery Brown

    I’m switching to the natural route of wellness and these gel caps seems to work faster than any others. Unsure if it’s the MCT oil that makes the CBD quickly bioavailable or is it all the natural turpenes? Either way, I’m a fan.

  9. Beata Smith

    It’s a bummer these aren’t Vegan, but I’m willing to ingest a little gelatin to get rid of this anxiety

  10. Kelly Madden

    Honestly, I had no idea that hemp CBD didn’t get you high but gave all the positive results. WOWZA-you have gained a fan for life! It’s good I can take the CBD and feel calm and not all whacked out like xanax. Thank you. I didn’t know what I was missing.

  11. Thom Thurman

    My Dad has the beginning stages of dementia and we started him on these stronger gel caps around a month ago. They seem to be working well and he has more energy lasting longer in through dinner. We were having problems with him getting tired around 6pm. Stocking up this time. Thank you very much.

  12. Karen Farmer

    I appreciated the samples, I’m back for a good supply of these CBD capsules. Good stuff, no side effects. Helps with my Crohns.

  13. Steven Buzzell

    Hi there. Thank you for sending my capsules with my hemp oil. I wouldn’t call it addiction, but I find keeping CBD in my diet is helping severe anxiety. I feel more stable with your capsules.

  14. desiree

    SUPER EFFECTIVE BUT i wish they were vegan. they really did make a differentce with my anxiety and focusing at work tho. I reccomend for those struggling with that but just know theyre not vegan

  15. megan polterick

    love love love love. these help with hangovers too!

  16. Martin Antonov

    I use these for flight anxiety since I have to travel a .lot for work. They’re great!! Highly recommend, just like taking a pill and never any weird looks at the airport.

  17. Diane L. Rex

    I have to drive for long distances and I cannot take anything that might alter my consciousness. These CBD caps work fast and give me relief and don’t get me tired. All focus, no naps needed.

  18. Kristina Medley

    I love the gel capsules, they are easy to swallow and almost slick feeling going down your throat with water. Thanks a bunch

  19. Gloria Anderson

    Daily regiment! These little caps are like mini-time bombs that will blow your mind with clarity and relaxation. Quick service too, which I really like.

  20. Willie T.

    I’ve tried both the drop and the gel cap. The gels definitely work faster IMO. Great product.

  21. Dean K.

    Pop a capsule every day! Worth it. Price is also fair.

  22. Jen R.

    Great product!! And super easy to swallow. A+

  23. Roberta E.

    I take them on my lunch break and have energy for the rest of the day! Wow!

  24. Alice W.

    Definitely helps with my anxiety. Especially on stressy days.

  25. Holly R.

    Sooo effective. Great for my daily morning routine!

  26. Samuel P.

    Must-have on the go. They keep me alert and focused all afternoon!

  27. Don E.

    Helps me when I feel anxious at work. I always keep them on my desk!

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