1 oz Pet Hemp Oil 250mg – Hemp Oil Extract

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Isolate. Support your pet’s healthy lifestyle with our premium hemp oil extract tincture, taken sublingually. Serving per bottle: 30. Amount per serving: 8mg.

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Our hemp is grown and extracted with love from Colorado! Zero THC in all animal products.
1 oz Pet Hemp Oil 250 mg


Hemp extract oil, Hempseed oil, Turmeric, Black Pepper Oil.

All of our pet products contain zero THC, ensuring that there will be no psychoactive effects for them or get them “high.” Groheline’s CBD Pet Products were formulated to give your furry friends natural relief and peace of mind, therefore allowing both of you to live stress-free lives.

Place one dropperful into your pet’s mouth, placing it as far back onto the tongue as possible or directly apply to food.

Recommendations for use:
Put only a little bit of food into your pet’s bowl, ensuring that all of his or her food will be eaten and CBD drops will be wasted.

26 reviews for 1 oz Pet Hemp Oil 250mg – Hemp Oil Extract

  1. Shawna

    Our old aged dog had a lot of issues keeping down his food, so we decided to try this Pet Hemp Oil out. He seems to be getting better every day, eating larger portions and not having stomach issues after. He also has gotten more active & is actually willing to PLAY now, which he hasn’t in YEARS! Thank you Groheline!!! This product will help us & our Roscoe make the best out of the Years that he has left!

  2. Jonathan F.

    My dog definitely has more energy. He seems much happier now!

  3. Nancy

    My dog usually turns her head up to medicine, but this product doesn’t seem to bother her at all! We put it directly on her food, and she eats it all up!

  4. Jose

    The dropper makes it really quick & easy to give your dog it’s medicine. We just squirt it directly into our dogs mouth. She will spit it out if we put it on her food, but she can’t spit it out this way.

  5. Ryan Wadwandhi

    The dropper makes it really easy to give to my stubborn dog. He doesn’t like it at first, but I can tell it makes him feel better in the long run!

  6. Joseph F. Clark

    Product works for my dachshund. Oscar is more mobile and back to his old self.

  7. Alia Valasquez

    my maltipoo seems to be sleeping better and no longer complaining from his back pain

  8. Henry Benner

    My 15 year old Parson Russell Terrier is doing a lot better since taking this for almost 2 months. More energy and eating better

  9. Betty Chu

    Oil has really relieved my 14 year old Maltese’s suffering with trachea collapsing

  10. Zachary Kirk

    Just received the product and am hoping to wean my small dog off of seizure medications that are causing skin problems. Thank you for your fast shipping!

  11. Mike Higgins

    I tried giving my dog the drops and when I was leaning down to shove in his mouth, he just grabbed the dropper out of my hand and I had to wrestle it back out. I think we found something he’ll try!

  12. Brian Tolliver

    Any company that puts this much research and provides quality products is great in my book.

  13. Virginia Saqqaf.

    might as well get the 1000mg for the price. that one is more effective. good product though thank you groheline

  14. Shirley R. Moyers

    Worked really well on my German Shepherd with separation anxiety

  15. Margaret Ward

    Received the item several days ago, started giving to my pet in her meals, It has been just a short time will have to wait a little longer to see the effects, So far I am pleased with the item

  16. Christina Melendez

    Between the Pet Oil and the CBD treats you guys have Tiko running around like a puppy again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  17. Emily G.

    Doggo loves it. It’s made such a difference during playtime!!

  18. Dereck P.

    Thanks for making this! I don’t know what I would do without it!!!!

  19. Rebecca V.

    Giving this to my Tobi makes him noticeably calmer. Thanks so much!

  20. Emily Y.

    My little pup absolutely loves this stuff!!!

  21. Robbie O.

    My fur baby can’t get enough of this product and it totally helps settle them!

  22. Karma O.

    My doggos love it. Definitely a huge improvement!!!

  23. Leila P.

    Fast and easy for my stubborn pup. Great results!

  24. Liam S.

    Thanks Groheline. Playing with my Ollie is fun again. So much energy!

  25. Remmy H.

    Pups have all the energy back. Thanks Groheline!

  26. Carina M.

    My poodle loves it. Definitely has her energy back!

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