1 OZ Hemp Oil Tincture 500mg – Pure CBD Tincture


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All Groheline products are tested at a state certified, third party, independent lab to ensure potency, purity, and overall quality.

Base Ingredients:

  • Organic cold pressed, virgin, unrefined Hemp Seed Oil – Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid source in an optimal range for human consumption 3:1. Beneficial for hair, nails and skin. High source of protein.
  • Fractionated Coconut MCT (Base) – Carrier oil that supports gut wellness and provides elevated ketone levels. A great source of  fatty acids. MCT provides a strong binding agent for cannabinoids.
  • Hemp Extract Oil – Source of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Beta-caryophyllene


All tinctures can be infused with terpene blends. Product has no added terps without request.

  • Myrcene (Blood Brain Barrier Penetration)
  • Linalool (Mood Balance)
  • Humulene (Analgesic)
  • Beta Caryophyllene (Bio Activity).
  • Custom Formulations Available.

Supplement Facts:

Per each 10z bottle of 500mg hemp oil extract, there is 1.05mg of hemp oil per drop and 16.6mg of hemp oil per dropper. There are roughly 30 servings per bottle and the hemp oil has a 12 month shelf life.


Place one dropperful (16.6 mg) of CBD tincture under the tongue and hold. Or you may add to any drink.

Product Characteristics:

Tinctures are a sublingual applications to administer Hemp Extract Oil to the entire body. This product comes in two bases, MCT and Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seed oil does not have a cannabinoid profile. MCT is an option for those concerned about the flavor of the Hemp Seed Oil. These products can be infused into food and drink.

Best Usage:

Tinctures are a common way to ingest Hemp Extract Oil. Tinctures allow you to have more flexibility when it comes to serving sizes. They travel well and can be administered in many different ways whether it be sublingually, orally or infused. Sublingual application, or application under the tongue, allows for the active ingredients of CBD oil to be directly absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth. There are many capillaries, or tiny blood vessels, under the tongue which transfer directly to the bloodstream.The 500 mg serving size is great for general wellness maintenance and inflammation throughout the body.


Our tinctures allow for an individual to choose how much oil they want to apply for a given situation. This product can be infused into any food and/or drink of your choice. It travels well, however make sure to keep it out of temperature fluctuations and direct sunlight to ensure quality.