How to Pick the Best Dosage of CBD for You

If you have never tried CBD before, it might be confusing when shopping around for different products. CBD oil comes in various forms, colors and blends and a bunch of different sizes. So how do you tell which dosage is right for you? Unfortunately the answer isn’t exactly a black and white one.

Each human being has his or her own, unique biochemical makeup and it is because of this there are no cookie cutter answers for CBD dosage. Everyone reacts to CBD differently and has their own preferences on what works best for them. Some people swear by CBD gummies, whereas others can eat a number of them without feeling any beneficial effects. Because it is difficult to decide how much CBD you should take without trial and error, you should consult a medical professional before self-medicating with CBD. There are, however, a few guidelines you can follow when you are just beginning to use CBD.

First, you need to decide what your health needs are. Are you seeking CBD for a physical or mental ailment? Making this distinction can impact what concentration is best suited for you. Different forms of CBD have varying concentrations so for beginners it’s best to start with individual CBD capsules or gummies. The benefit of going with one of these options, over a tincture, is the concentration is clearly listed on the packaging and the correct dosage is already separated out for you. A tincture or other liquid form of CBD usually comes with a dropper for you to calculate the serving size you want. This form of CBD is better for users who require a lot of CBD and have a strong handle on the dosage they need.

The concentration of CBD is listed on each package in the form of milligrams (mg) or percentages. The packaging will either have a serving size (typically on CBD oils) or will tell you the concentration of CBD per capsule or gummy. If you are a beginner it is recommended you start with a low dosage and work your way up in increments of 25 mg a week until you reach your desired dosage. CBD prescriptions can range anywhere from 25 mg to over 1000 mg depending on a person’s illness or needs. CBD oil is typically sold in: 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 milligram increments. However, medically prescribed CBD oil can come in a 1000 mg bottle.  

In addition to CBD tinctures and edibles, there is also an option for creams and ointments. CBD in this form is typically used for people suffering from muscular or soft tissue pain. For example, people with arthritis may use a CBD oil hand cream to alleviate the consistent pain that comes with the disease. The dosage for this type of CBD is very much trial and error. The CBD enters the bloodstream and relaxes your muscles by seeping through your skin. While there are instructions concerning dosage on the package, since these are topical ointments it is hard to say how much or little will help with your pain.