How Does CBD Oil Treat Cancer?

Cancer comes in many forms from Lymphoma to lung. Most people rely on chemotherapy to rid themselves of cancer. More than 100 chemo drugs are on the market today and are considered a highly effective drugs for ridding cancer. But most patients will experience negative side-effects from the drug. People are turning to CBD oil to find relief, whether they’re taking chemo or other cancer-related drugs. So how does CBD oil treat cancer? These factors may alter the way you think about traditional cancer methods.


CBD Basics

CBD oil is derived from the leaves and flowering parts of the hemp plant. Organic CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and then diluted with a carrier oil. There are no active traces of THC (the compound responsible for making the ‘high’ effect), unlike those found in the sister plant Marijuana.

Cancer Basics

Cancer starts when there’s a change in the genetics of two or more cells in the body. This can occur from elements in the air to the food that we eat. Our cell genes are damaged everyday and your body is very good at repairing them. But other times this repairing doesn’t take place and these damaged cells eventually grow bigger, picking up other mutations along the way, making it difficult to repair. If your body isn’t getting enough healthy food and supplements to help the cells repair themselves, the cells eventually become a form of cancer.

CBD’s Role in Cancer

CBD has been know to alleviate symptoms connected to chemo and other cancer-related drugs. Chemotherapy can be a harsh drug to use for cancer and people often experience loss of appetite, hair loss, and extreme nausea and/or vomiting. CBD can bring back appetite, relieve nausea, and aid in healthy cell rejuvenation. Since CBD doesn’t create the ‘high’ effect, it’s a safe to take in conjunction with chemo as it doesn’t interfere negatively. CBD is effective for providing pain relief for cancer patients.

Contribute to your health by taking action now and consuming the right foods to prevent cancer as well as beginning the cell healing process. Supplements are an excellent way to revive those cells and contribute to healthy cell rejuvenation within the body. Pure CBD tincture is just one amazing substance that contributes to healing the body without harsh side effects. But it’s important to find a reputable supplier that you trust. Groheline CBD oil carries only the finest quality CBD oil online. They offer a variety of ways to take CBD oil to add to your daily life so you can live a healthier, stress-free lifestyle. Stop by the education page for more information on the quality of life that CBD oil offers.