Best Coffee Shops in Denver for CBD Oil – Infused Drinks

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Denver is a city known for its craft breweries, dog-friendly restaurants, and most importantly, specialty coffee shops. Denver has also become an enormous leader in the CBD industry. With new companies in Denver opening up every day to grow and manufacture CBD, local drink and eateries are getting creative with their recipes. This is especially true with coffee shops. Incorporating CBD into specialty coffee beverages is easy and fun. Unfortunately, not every coffee shop in Denver is this creative, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 coffee shops to create a “DIY” coffee drink. 

Corvus Coffee Roasters

Corvus Coffee Roasters in South Broadway is an espresso bar/roastery with an open layout where you can get a peek at the roasting process. It has community seating and an industrial vibe. Coffee from all around the world is featured with beans handpicked by the owner Phil Goodlaxson. All the talk of rare coffees, single-origin beans, and bottled hopped cold brew will make you feel like a coffee expert straight away. If you’re a CBD lover in Denver, you can bring your own CBD oil and infuse it into any of their beverages. We recommend infusing it into a hot latte for the best mixing. 

Thump Coffee

If you’re in the Capitol Hill area of downtown Denver, make Thump your go-to for coffee and kombucha. With an incredibly welcoming atmosphere and large selection of baked goods and caffeinated beverages, you can never go wrong with Thump. We recommend mixing your CBD oil into Thump’s matcha, vanilla latte, white mocha, or chai for the best tasting drink! 

Blue Sparrow Coffee

Blue Sparrow Coffee is a bright and intimate café in the Backyard on Blake development. They have various coffees from multiple American and international rosters. Various drinks range from filter coffees and flat whites to Japanese iced coffee and Nitro cold brew. The sourcing of their coffees is special as they feature roasters from all around the world. They have the menu hand-written on a large scroll of packing paper. You will fall in love with the unique coffees and cozy atmosphere you can experience at Blue Sparrow Coffee. Our recommendation is mixing your Groheline CBD oil into their house made chai or golden latte. Blue Sparrow also has a CBD Nitro Cold Brew!  

Little Owl Coffee

Little Owl Coffee in the historic Lower Downtown District has just enough room for a barista counter, a retail cooler, merchandise shelving, and about ten stools. This quaint coffee shop is gorgeous and delivers an authentic Italian coffee shop experience like no other. You will have a tranquil choice for craft coffees and espresso drinks made with carefully sourced beans, and pastries. We recommend ordering their affogato from the summer menu, mixing your CBD oil into the espresso and then pouring that over the ice cream scoop. 

Crema Coffee House

Crema Coffee House is guaranteed to serve you a memorable coffee. Nested in Larimer Street, one of Denver’s most eclectic neighborhoods, the hipster coffee shop fits right into the area. The coffee selection is pretty straightforward, including espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, and latte. Its sourcing is from places both local and out of state. Crema is also very active in their community, continuously donating proceeds to local organizations and fundraising for specific community members. We recommend mixing CBD oil into Crema’s homemade caramel latte. If you’re visiting or live in the city and want to scout out the perfect spot for coffee and CBD in Denver, head to any of these incredible coffee shops. No CBD on you? Just order from Groheline CBD, Denver’s most trusted online CBD source.