10 Amazing Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Pets are family to us, and when their physical or mental health is struggling, we will try anything to help them. But sometimes prescription medications can have a harsh effect on animals and produce many negative side effects. When this happens, CBD can make for a great supplement or alternative. But how exactly can CBD benefit animals? Let’s take a closer look. 

Can increase appetite and help with nausea

Just like humans, animals go through periods of time where they don’t have much of an appetite. Whether this is caused by old age, anxiety, depression or a physical issue, CBD can help your pet get some nutrients back into its body. A report by the National Cancer Institute shows that CBD oil increases appetite stimulation. Another study proved that CBD oil for pets could help with vomiting and nausea if your pet is suffering from regular stomach issues.

Can reduce anxiety

There has been a major push for even more research on the benefits of CBD for anxiety, especially since there have been so many strong anecdotal experiences. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety or phobias, CBD oil can help ease their nerves. It can be extremely hard to hear your pet whimpering from anxiety, but thankfully CBD is a quick and easy solution to help calm them down. 

Can ease negative side effects caused by Cancer

Just like humans, unfortunately, animals can get cancer too. When this happens, they go through symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, and chronic pain. During this tough time, CBD oil can help reduce these side effects. CBD oil is also believed to have effects to help the immune system fight cancer cells. It also decreases the cancer cells’ ability to produce energy and help your pet take anti-tumor properties. CBD oil has proven to have the ability to prevent and kill cancer cells.

Can treat seizures and epilepsy

Many pets suffer from seizures and epilepsy. CBD oil has proven to reduce the frequency of seizures and in some cases, eliminate seizures.

Can relieve chronic pain of arthritis

Some breeds are more prone to arthritis than others, but the bottom line is that arthritis can be even more painful for animals than humans. As CBD oil works as a pain reliever, it targets the sore joints and reduces pain for your pet. It can also soothe the inflammation and help your pet heal properly.

Can treat inflammatory bowel disease

If your pet suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, CBD oil can help by its ability to reduce swelling.

Can improve skin conditions

CBD oil can improve your pet’s coat and skin condition. For humans, CBD oil works as a treatment for acne and dry skin, and these sorts of benefits carry through to your pets as well. If your pet is suffering from allergies or skin conditions, CBD oil can reduce the symptoms. By applying CBD oil directly to your pet’s fur, it can revive the coat, making it shiner, softer, and stronger.

Can improve heart health

CBD oil has been linked to heart health in that it’s believed to reduce damaged blood vessels, irregular heart rates, and blood pressure associated with anxiety and stress.  

Can protect the nervous system

Because of its ability to protect the brain cells from toxicity, CBD oil can help with nerve issues and diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It can have the same effect on your pet as well.

Can improve overall wellness

Along with these benefits, CBD oil can benefit your pet’s overall wellness. When CBD oil is incorporated into your pet’s diet regularly and correctly, it can help prevent the development of severe and long-term health issues. 

If you’re concerned about your pet’s wellness and are looking for a natural supplement, consider purchasing CBD oil online from Groheline! If you have any additional questions about the best CBD oil for your pet, contact us, and we can help you!

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