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January 2019

  • How Does CBD Oil Treat Cancer?

    Cancer comes in many forms from Lymphoma to lung. Most people rely on chemotherapy to rid themselves of cancer. More than 100 chemo drugs are on the market today and are considered a highly effective drugs for ridding cancer. But most patients will experience negative side-effects from the drug. People are turning to CBD oil […]

  • 5 Ways to Beat Chronic Inflammation

    There are two kinds of inflammation that happen to the body: the redness associated with swelling, and the kind that shows no signs and is quietly attacking your cells. Either way, inflammation is a sign that something is wrong. While your doctor may have prescribed some medications to help, you may also want to look […]

  • Headaches and CBD Oil

    Headaches happen to the best of us. From tension headaches to constant migraines, depending on the severity, they can be a crippling ailment. Studies show the positive reactions that pure CBD oil tinctures have on headaches. If you suffer from frequent headaches, CBD oil may help relieve your pain.
    How Does it Work for Headaches?
    CBD oil […]