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November 2018

  • CBD Oil Usage for Dogs

    You’ve heard about CBD oil for humans and how it aids in a healthy lifestyle. But perhaps using pure natural CBD oil for your dogs is news to you. CBD oil can be an added benefit to our dog’s lifestyle. If fact, it can reduce epileptic seizures in dogs as well as help with social […]

  • Will CBD Oil Cause You to Fail a Drug Test?

    With all the craze surrounding the CBD, it’s best to be informed about the proper usage, where it comes from, and will it pose a threat to your new job. Get all of the facts and more importantly, buy a pure cbd oil from the right distributor. CBD oil is derived from the flower and […]

  • How to Use CBD Oil

    CBD oil is derived from the flowering parts and stems of the hemp plant. Since CBD has minimal traces of THC, the component responsible to the ‘high’ affect, it is considered a safe medicinal addition to your healthy lifestyle. Though the hemp and marijuana plant come from the same species, they differ in many ways […]